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Guidance and Mentorship

Each and every one of us possesses intuition. For some, like myself, it is a conscious part of our waking environment. It is more than just a "hunch" or inkling. 

I connect with and work with clients energetically, but also employ a variety of tools including Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum and more. 

When To Consider An Intuitively Led Session:

When faced with a difficult decision  - While these sessions do not "tell the future", it is an insight into the "Big Picture" and a reflection of your inner and Higher Self.  When faced with a difficult decision, consulting the Universe intuitively and energetically can help you see possible consequences, influences and outcomes to allow for a fully educated decision that is in alignment with your highest good

Searching for deeper answers or meaning -  Are you feeling like there is more to yourself or your life than you are able to identify or understand?  These sessions can help you see the higher meaning and understand the synchronicities that are happening all around you, putting you on the path to honoring your true self.

Looking for the insight  - Sometimes, we just need to connect with the divine and glimpse what lies ahead, what is affecting our present and what lessons we may need to retain from our past.  Perhaps you are looking to manifest something new and would like that confirmation you are on the right track or are interested in what the universe thinks about your relationships. An intuitively guided session can help with it all

Sessions always begin with a conversation about what has connected you with Sarah or why you feel drawn to this type of session, what you would like to address during our session along with any other information you would like to share or information that has been brought forward.

The type of reading you are looking for will determine the specific type of question and energy present at the time of the session. 

A session or  read is not necessarily a psychic read.  The story told by intuition, the cards or any other medium is what your Guides and the Universe need you to see or want you to know, as well as a reflection of your Higher-Self.  There may be times you are asked to validate information or there may be information that means nothing to you at the present moment but will become relevant at a later date.  

Sarah currently works with a few different decks, and other tools.  Each tool holds unique properties and are best suited for specific types of inquiries.  This allows Sarah to access information at the most appropriate level with the most accurate representation of the querent's needs. 

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