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  • First Fire Floral Blend Pendant
  • First Fire Floral Blend Pendant

First Fire Floral Blend Pendant


Gorgeous dried floral blend encapsulated in Ecopoxy® resin which is the safest and greenest epoxy resin anywhere! Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-solvent and 50% bio-based.


Each bead is hand cast and combined into this unique pendant. Featuring the First FIres blend of dried flowers and herbs, this pendant sparks the excitement and raw potential we feel at Beltane ( Late Spring ).  Raw emotion, potential and the fire of passion and will are encapsulated in this blend and in each pendant.

Enjoy the beauty of the season all year long with this pendant! 


Due to the handmade nature of each pendant, each item may vary slightly in appearance and color but will be similar to the item pictured. Individual computer settings may affect the color and vibrancy of the images pictured here. Please be aware that this may cause the items to appear slightly different than they seem online

approx >2" in length on an adjustable nylon cord

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