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  • Abstract Pietersite Pendant
  • Abstract Pietersite Pendant

Abstract Pietersite Pendant


an AMAZING Handmade, One of a Kind Pietersite Pendant.  Excellent tumbled specimen, hand drilled and wire wrapped with copper wire on an adjustable nylon rope.


Pietersite is known as the tempest stone because of the hurricanes of energies that this stone can hold, which can bring positive changes to the one who wears it. It signifies the wild storm that can rage inside you, and the cleansing and renewal that it can bring after the storm has passed.  Pietersite is a protection stone that can guard you against anything bad. It will protect you against negative psychic attacks, as well as attacks of the physical and emotional kind. This stone can inspire change in a positive way because it can stimulate transformation and inner sight. It will begin a period of self-realization, spiritual awakening, and transformation.

Approx. 1+ inch wide/1+ inch wide.  

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