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1. Enter the Forest

When you have heard the call but you don't know where to start. If you are just beginning your journey, you are not alone

We are in the midst of a very unique time in history.  As the world changes rapidly around us, you may have begun to feel the buzzing in the æther and it may have become impossible for you to ignore any longer. 

If you are taking the first steps on your journey to awakening or expansion, it can seem daunting. You may find that you are called by a variety of things and each becomes an overwhelming volume of information and experiences, or perhaps you are discovering new gifts that you aren't sure how to cope with -  Let me help you ease on to your path and face this exciting new chapter together! Whether you are interested in mentorship, or individual readings, there is something here to help you on your way.  

There is no better way to give back than to help another soul "wake up" and it is the most innocent and heartwarming experience to share.

Intuitive Guidance and Mentorship

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