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Intuitive Guidance and Mentorship

It's  time to become whole

"How do I...actually live? - How do I embody what I know I am?" 

This is the question I was asking myself for a long time. After spending a significant amount of time on my own inner work, healing what needed to heal, and growing where I need to grow (although this never stops) I found that I still could not answer this question. I didn't know what to do to "fix" the feeling that my inner self felt separate and detached from my physical form.  As with all things - The UNiverse delivered and has led me to integrate several systems and practices to understand this place of wholeness - To finally understand how to integrate and operate this vehicle we all have (our physical form) properly and in alignment.

There is significant noise in all corners of our world telling us how to live our life or be our "best self". We are bombarded at every turn with misguided, misunderstood, or worse - shallow interpretations and representations that diminish the collective and do more harm than good.

I meet you where you are at, No matter where you are along your journey, and help you find the path to wholeness. The path that is uniquely yours. Integrating methods from a variety of theories and practices, I provide 1:1 mentorship and guidance to incorporate the inner-self and your unique physicality to help you walk through the world with authority and confidence in yourself and your purpose.

Hi! My name is Sarah.  I have a background in Reiki, Human Design, and energy alignment.  I employ a variety of tools and techniques to help you feel connected and  answer the question: "How do I embody all that I am"

Entering the Forest

At the Crossroads

Ready to Fly

Are you just starting out on your journey to awakening? If you are overwhelmed with all the noise out there, lets connect and sort through it together.  the "You" you're looking for is waiting

You've done the work, but still feel like something is missing. You struggle to live outwardly the amazing person you've set free on the inside. Through the method that's right for you, we will reunite who you are on the inside with how you walk through the world in your phisicality

You are looking for something more and you are ready to help others find their authentic self.  Using tried and tested techniques, we will work to hone in on your unique gift that you are here to share with the world

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey? 

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